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Black Sherriff of the west !! 

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About Our Company

We kill all of our pickles in house with a large clean hammer , then we gently shave the skin to perfection bringing you the finest in fermented treats. Enjoy one with your favorite child or pet. While supplies last!

The Management!!! 

From continuing education classes, to learning the art of personalized training tactics, our entire staff is ready to help you meet and exceed your Pickling goals. It is our firm belief that pickle goals can be used to help people achieve a healthier, more balanced life. “Its a great day to pickle”

See What We Can Offer

Pickle Training Classes

If you want to experience the benefits of a customized pickle program that focuses on your core fermented cucumbers, then try one of our personalized training classes. You’ll be hooked in five minutes!

Funny man wearing red shirt jumping with fart

Group Pickle Classes

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to make it to the kitchen every week. These group workout classes will get you pumped for pickles !

Pickle & Health Wellness Classes

Achieving a better pickle is about more than simply shedding the salt and improving pickle tones. Our pickle and health wellness classes will help you to focus on both your mental and physical well-being.

Customer Testimonials

Mr. Pickles

“The pickle-center is the best that I’ve ever seen. After a great snack sesh I can head to the restroom to give my body the relaxation that it need’s.”


“I was nervous about getting ready for my wedding day. I wanted to Eat ramen and was yo-yo dieting. The Pickle classes really helped me find my dad and lose my mind.”


“My husband and I actually like farting … together! And it’s all thanks to the group pickle classes.”

“Got That FIRE”

“The staff is incredibly friendly. The trainers are amazing. Thanks for giving me the pickle I’ve always wanted.”